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RedvsBlue narutowannabe RedvsBlue narutowannabe

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very Great :D

Hey Kippetjetoktok xD

I will write this review in english because of other people who might want to know what i am saying. (since that is quite difficult to follow in dutch ;)

The animation is realy cool, and the effects weren't to bad.
Here are some hints you could use.

Use a higher FPS. like 16 or maybe even 20.
It will make your animation much smoother and a must for the eyes.
However, it will take more time and accurate animatimg.

Bring more variations in the sound effects you have.
Use more sounds than only kick and punch noises,
Since you use RPG maker 2003, (did i recommend that to you ?)
You could use many more sounds in your submission.

Do not fear the NG size limit for Flash Submissions.
You have for about 10 mb + for a submission.
I know you fear for it. (since you've told me that xD).

Nevertheless this submission is realy realy good for a first attempt.
At least, ,, its better than mine, which got bl*mmed by zero bombers.
Dont let them ruin your score. (yes i know its difficult to resist :P ).
Atleast my vote will compensate it a bit for you.
there you go.

1.72 / 5.00 (+ 0.048) 5/5 10/10 Favorited.

take care,
P.S My second account in here is : St0rmChaser

kippetjetoktok responds:

I looked for other nice punch/kick sounds on rpg2003, but the other ones were crappy. And you did recommend rpg maker to me :P.

hehe :P

thanks for comment ;)

Freezepop's JEM! Freezepop's JEM!

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Get a life xD


Oh my god, youré incredibly ugly.
and i had to view the movie again to investigate what you are.
but i guess youré a boy.
( +1 for making me view it again )


youré ugly, and so is your submission.
since it was 95% YOU we saw on your sub.
please hurt someones eyes elsewhere, and not on newgrounds.
( +1 for making me buy new eyeleashes )


The music was also incredibly ugly.
ugly person, urly movie, ugly music.
there's a kind of connection to these.
You could atleast try to clean your brace in your mouth >.<
it looked like a junkyard over there.
( +1 for making me feel ill for a week )


I can't think of any more negative points to your movie,
so here's a positive aspect of your movie :


and we can be happy with that, because this is very disturbing, and incredibly bad for your eyes / mood. in short : YOU are very disturbing, and incredibly bad for other eyes / moodz.
( +1 for the Short movie, ( GOD BLESS US )

Conclusion :

After i wrote this review, your movie is not that bad xD
you still scored a 5/10.
well, that is not half that bad xD.
But i can tell you, please get a life. i bet you didnt showed it to your friends because they would abandon you when they saw this >.<
( i doubt that you even have friends.. )
my opinion is that you are just an annoying little brat with no live nor a school, spending your time on making horrifying movies / submissions and hurting other people with it xD.


( 5/5 since you like low scores ;) )

Home Made DS Home Made DS

Rated 5 / 5 stars


whew XD that is funny.
how did you animated that :O.
did you just made a photo of the mario, and animated it further in flash ?
i am very curious !! xD

TPS Episode 7 Part 1 TPS Episode 7 Part 1

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

hmz, pretty nice

Yea, i guess this is okay xD
the artwork is not so interesting, but im realy impressed about the storyline.
you made a real new story out of it.

but the graphical animation can be better.
also the voices can be more bright to.

greetz FlashBlack

here's a 7.

KHF responds:

Yeah, these are things that have been brought up before. Animation wise, I know I could do better, but if you compare it to episode 1 you can see a big improvement. :)

Audio wise... that problem should be fixed by episode 8 (and possibly towards the end of part 2), because Starrunner (the guy who does the voice of Ratchet) has resently introduced me to a better recording program.

But thanks, I'm glad you liked it.

random7 random7

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

DUde this sucked..

This was one of the most horrifying flash submissions i ever saw.
only the background animation was "decent".
the other aspects were just piece of crap.

I dont get your "goal" either. what did you want to do.
annoy us with a very bad movie ?

or did you realy tried your best to make a great movie,
in that case, try to make it a bit longer, and try to spend some more frames on the text in the game. and give them a bright color.

i cant give you more than a 3.
i wil vote a 2/5. if i weren't the first reviewer, i would have give you a 1/5,

greetz FlashBlack

Grumio responds:

No, it's not. I would rather have something (somewhat) well-drawn such as this over something like a 12 FPS stick figure doing some asinine task.

Yes, you are a genius sir.

Does it really look like it...

Then don't. Someone who gets the point that the name "random7", and let me say that again, "RANDOM7" is supposed to be something totally RANDOM will.

Clayground - Dentist Clayground - Dentist

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


++Pretty funny and creative xD
++the clay animation was pretty smooth !.
++The Background music was great.
+The voices were clear. (atlease not undescribable)
in short : HERE'S A 7 :)

Way to go m8 !!!!

BlakTornado responds:

Thanks a lot, man :D

Happy Birthday Jesse!! Happy Birthday Jesse!!

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

what the crap ?! xD

um, i dont know where that was all about.
i guess it was for your good friend yesse, xD next time, change the title in : random stuff or something. and not in happy birthday yesse, cause only 5 % of the movie was meant to that title ^^.

anyway, the drawing was very good, so was the sound of your movie.
so you wil receive a high rating anyway ^^

a 7.

and concratulate yesse for me xD

greetz FlashBlack

Lochie responds:

But thanks anyway.

Jesse liked the animation, so it's a tribute to him.

A 7..?


Thanks for the review.

North Park - Halo 3 North Park - Halo 3

Rated 4 / 5 stars

LOL xD nice

"goddamnit, shut the fuck up xD" hilarious.
i bet it wil be a nice mark (school).
atleast I wil give you a nice mark xD here's an : 8.
its fantastic how you added pictures/bitmaps to your flashmovie, and combined with some art straight out of flash.

the voices were very clear and bright to. so it was easy to understand.
maybe some more interaction next time, like a subtitle's button (for the retards >,< ((cause it was very bright)).

anyway, GREAT JOB :D

The War Of The Games 1 The War Of The Games 1

Rated 3 / 5 stars

this wasn't that bad !

Its not good, but its not bad either.

Its almost 10 mb of sprites and presets.
Its a nice collection, and you gave them a good part in your movie, but i dont get the story. next time, try to make a good storyline in your movie. you have enough sprites to make one.

you realy have potential. i wil give you a 6 because of the lack in storyline.
animation(sprites) music, and interaction is acceptable.

greetz FlashBlack

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Greenkupo responds:

i have it in my mind THX

Ultimate: Mario Vs Sonic Ultimate: Mario Vs Sonic

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Funny xD

LoL ! that was nice.
a lot of humor with one single joke !!. very nice job over there.

and i LOVE your preloader.

the movie + animation itself was not so very good,
because you just made a small drawing, and shaked it a bit.

the music, and sounds were good also !!!!.
so i give you a LOT of points for the music, and your preloader + humor,
unfortunately your movie itself kinda sucked.
but because of your other good aspects, i will give you a nice score.
so it wil be a : 7

have fun, and NEVER give up.

greetz FlashBlack

Wampo responds:

thanks :D
yeah the preloader took longer time than the movie itself :D
and the sounds were all out of my mouth lol.