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HardTrance WiP [Brando RMK] HardTrance WiP [Brando RMK]

Rated 5 / 5 stars

There u go

Heres another crapload of voting power :D.
( ssshh.. im st0rmchaser :P )
3.65 / 5.00 (+ 0.23)

Im on another computer now with diffrent kind of speakers.. xD.
Now that i dont have much bass in my speakers, your kick sounds much better :O.

Grtz FlashBlack aka St0rmChaser :P
P.S on this account all of my OLDEST tracks are listed :P.
Lol most of them suck ballz xD
Only the last few rock, especially the hardstyle track.

Dj-Brand0 responds:

Lol. I guess I should really drop the bass in this song.
Thanks heaps man.

-Cheers Brando :P

Sandman FX Sandman FX

Rated 5 / 5 stars

yay :O hot

Omg ur realy skilled :O
Playing with patterns like that !! incredible.
I dont have any words for this, its truely amazing :O

5/5 10/10 downloaded favorited

Anxiety Cure _ RR Anxiety Cure _ RR

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Now that is some nice piece of work :O.
I enjoyed it from the first second to the last one :O.
It was full of unexpected changes, and i LOVED the filter halfway the song.
Theres nothing in the song that could disturb my trance experience :P.

Keep going like that :D
We LOVE you :D.

Take Care,

P.S Its realy cool i see girls making trance songs :D
Its just that i know very few of them, :P. the only one i know is Yesselyn.
And you now :P.

10/10 5/5 downloaded favorited

RenoakRhythm responds:

Stormchasr, thanks a bunch for the review.

Really cool to read a really long and detailed review... you rock!!!


Its gone (Tempest09mix) Its gone (Tempest09mix)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

What the :|

I thought i already heared the maximum capacity of the NG audio artists.
But this goes beyond the maximum.
The quality of this song is so incredibly good, that i would compare this with the best DJ's in the world, Like DJ Tiesto.

It is a piece of masterwork that i never heared before.
this is what they call : Trance.
I am stil completely devastated about this song,
and i think it will remain a few hours..

You should try to sell this at a local music store.
Cause you have great potential and extremely good samples.
i dont know how you did it,
and i bet you wont tell it anyway, (however im curious)

But it sure worked for me.
From now on, YOU are my favorite DJ on newgrounds.
a piece of enlightment for every DJ participating on NG.

take care,

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Milk{Lost Hope} Milk{Lost Hope}

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Snowclouds is right

Nah he is absolutely right.
with earphones on, it sounds like the song is approaching from everywhere.
i think it is because of the heave bassline around 1.30/1.50.
its realy cool.
im going to check out a few more songs of you.

cya ^^

bigK - hallelujah[v2] bigK - hallelujah[v2]

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very Kewl :D

Hey man :D
Good job on remixing this one again, it became even better than before.
you have reached a new level, a new stadium in making music.

the 'Putting all cool things i have together, and make it a song' stadium.

This is something everyone has to go though.
you will notice what i mean after you have messed around a bit by creating songs.

you tried to make lots of cool melodies and drumbeats and stuff, and you have put them all together and made a song out of it. this is cool, but its still no 'real' music if you get what i mean. when you have more experience, you will create a cool bassline, and one nice melody with a few variations.
with some more experience, you will make one bright and good song, with a lot of overview on the song.

this song, has sooo many melodies variations and diffrent sounds, that i lost sight on the song. just keep making them like this. you will notice that you improve after each song.

now that was my kinda bullshit review xD.
i told you something what has happened to me 2 :P.

good job mate,
Grtz St0rmChaser

{dj-N} Nexus Song [RmX] {dj-N} Nexus Song [RmX]

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Incredibly Awesome

This song is extremely cool.
not just the song, but also the melody is.
its even so cool, that i have made a Remix of it.
dear DJ Nate. would you please review my song ?? its called :

St0rmChaser - Nexus Song [RmX]

It would be cool if it got rated by the real maker of the melody
(even though you remixed the song to :P )

Thanks man :)
take care,

5/5 10/10 Downloaded Favorited

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bigK - mysticwave[revamped] bigK - mysticwave[revamped]

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Much Better :D

Damn this song improved a lot mate :O.
you realy did a lot with the advice i have given you :O.

The kick is a lot better now,
and the little variation you made in the kicks is cool also.

the song is quite cool.
i have given you a 3/5 and an 6/10.
this song is worth 4/5 8/10 now,
but i will give you a 5/5 10/10 since i see you as a friend now ^^.

I shall try to give you some hints for even a higher score.

- Try to variate the melody not only with a diffrent melody, but with lots of
diffrent sounds to. variating your song often, is the key to some cool beenz.

- Play with the volume. and try to use crashes and reverse them.
for example : you can select a crash sample. you can lengthen it by increasing
its time button. a crash is cool to use when something new is happening in
your song. use it on the same time a newly added piece of music starts.
When you go to the propertys of your crash sample, you see an option :
reverse. click on it, so that the crash sample will play from right to left.
(Listen to my song : DJ Trezy - Basshunter Remix) for an example.
in the very beginning i added a reversed crash.

- (An experienced trick) Play with the filter channel.
I shall try to explain it with my bad english.. (im dutch).
You have the abillity to record anything in your FL song you want to.
On the top of your FL program, you see a big dot marked as Record.
I will come back later on that. make a cool melody, and give it an FX number.
In that number, you add the Fruity Filter plugin.
Play your melody integrated in the same FX, and play with the filter plugin.
The best effect is playing with the cutoff freq a little.
when you mastered this, go in pattern mode, and press the record button.
(when you have FL 8, press on 'Everything'.)
Now play your pattern, and play with your plugin a littlebit.
an example of this : DJ Trezy - Beyond Heaven Remix

after a minute and 30 seconds or something you will hear the melody fading in. not only in volume, but also in offset.

there. i have given you some cool hints.
i hope you can use it.
if something is not clear, just ask me ;).

10/10 5/5.
Grtz St0rmChaser ;)

P.S the synths are very nice. do you use external plugins for it ?

peter1988 responds:

cheers for the tips mate, for the synths in this i used mainly sytrus and a little bit of nexus :)

Totally kickass Totally kickass

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Totally Kickass indeed

wow this is awesome.

Some great leads and electric guitar tunes thru it :D loved it.
there are only 2 bad things : the Volume was sometimes to hard,
and it has some distortion. perhaps you could lower the overal volume of your song, since its damn hard anyway :P it would vanish the annoying distortion.

good song. realy cool.


mrpibbs1 responds:

Thanks for the review. Yeah I'll try turning down the really big synth at 00:13, thats where the distortion is coming from.
Thanks again!

ReadySetStop ReadySetStop

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Quite Annoying sometimes

For your third song, its 'decent'.
Cause its sometimes quite annoying to listen to.
you practised with the volume of the song, and that hurt xD.
also your cymbal was quite hard.
try to master your movie better.
(mastering means sorting out your sounds. ((which sound fits in the song right now, and when)). also make all volumes the same.

anyway, its a good attempt.

5/10 3/5

ScytheNML responds:

Gracias. I'm still figuring this stuff out.